I updated my android studio to the last version 0.8.2. Since this update it is no longer possible to have my APP runing on my phone.

Everytime I tried to upload it to the phone I have the following error :

I tried a fresh install too leading to the same issue. After some googling it seems the issue impact lot of people :

  • ….

I m not interested in the last API of Android L since my phone is only 4.3 nevertheless even by specifiying that I want to be using 4.3 the build didn’t take it into account. The solution I found is to remove all Android L SDK/Compiler from  the SDK manager and install android 4.3 (and/or 4.4)


and then restart android. After that the SDK selection will works fine and if you create a new project you should have the following gradle file.


Now the upload to the phone works fine 😉

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